SandTruck V-3

The V-3 uses winning Trophy Truck technology in a recreational package. The engine is mounted behind the driver and passengers. The power is transmitted through an automatic transmission and then into the V-drive gearbox to send the power back to the Ford 9" rearend w/ full floating hubs.
We then added CAD designed Suspension components and shock towers to take this chassis to the next level in durability, looks and performance.
NO cv's NO expensive transaxle to rebuild every year.
The 60/40 weight bias makes this the best handling and hill climbing SandTruck ever.
This is a true dual sport chassis that will be at home in the desert as well as the sand. Give us a call to get more info and a quote on your Dream SandTruck. Available as a truck or truggy.


 V-3 Chassis & Body Package

100% Chromoly Chassis
Upper and Lower A-arms  Rear Trailing Arms Boxed
Fabbed 9-inch Diff Housing
Tatum Class I 2.0-inch Hollow Spindles
All  Heims and Suspension Bushings
Body Fully Mounted with Hardware
Chassis Suspension Mounting Bolts, Gr. 8
Mounts for Shocks, Engine, Transmission and V-Drive
Rack & Pinion Mounts with Steering Shaft and Hardware
Kurc LeDuc Sway Bar

Custom Roller Chassis

Everything that comes with the V-3 Chassis & Body Package  Plus
Tatum Billet Hubs for 2-in. Hollow Spindle with 4-Piston Caliper
Tatum 300-m Power Ram Rack & Pinion
Big Sweet Steering Control Valve
Complete Fox Shock Package (4 Coilover, 3"-3 Tube Bypass)
CNC Swing Pedal Assembly & 2” FOX Rear Bump Stops
Aluminum 9-inch Ford 3rd Member w/spool
Floater Hubs & 40 spline axles
Willwood 4-Piston Disc Brakes
Menkens V-Drive

Complete Roller Chassis

Everything that comes with the Basic Chassis & Body Package and the Custom Roller  Plus

Steel Braided Brake Line Package with All Fittings
Limit Straps for Rear Suspension
Mounts for 3 seats
Crow Safety Harness
Aluminum Floor, Skidpan, Console and Dash (no holes)
Inner Aluminum Side Panels with Dzus Tabs
Hood Latches
Battery Box
22-Gal. Fuel Cell & Mounts
Shock Reservoir Clamps (4)
PRP Seats (3)
CBR Radiator
Art Karr Shifter

Complete Turnkey 480HP LS3, V-3 Sand Truck

Chevy LS-1   
Turbo 400 Transmission  
9-inch Ford Rear End   
Chromoly Chassis  
26-inch Wheel Travel

For a quote contact: 
Colorado Sand Cars
6333 WCR 60
Windsor CO  80550
Phone 970-674-9967
Fax 970-674-1377
 (mountain time zone)